Manganese Phosphate treatment provides excellent protection of iron and steel surfaces. The treatment reduces wear on the surfaces and eliminates scuffing, galling and pick up particularly during the running in period of working parts.

Bullet points:

 * Improved lubrication of treated surfaces due to the oil retaining properties.

* increased rust prevention.

* Gabbro CSP 16 approved.

* Baker Hughes approved.

* Trelleborg approved.

* Def stan 03-11 approved.

* MNP-04 approved.

* Tank size 1.5m long , 1M deep , 350mm wide.

How is it done?

The metal objects are immersed in a bath of phosphate solution. The treatment converts the metallic surface to manganese/iron phosphate which has high oil absorbent and corrosion resistance qualities. This has the benefits of increased rust prevention and improved lubrication. It's also an excellent base primer for all paint jobs, to withstand in a salt spray test up to 72 hours.