Chemical Blacking

Chemical Blacking:


Chemical Blacking offers a shiny black exterior for steel components with no effect on their size. This impressive cosmetic finish is also scratch resistant and is the perfect option for made to fit tools and parts such as spindles, sprockets and intricate machined parts when microns matter. A black uniform finish can we achieved with all machined steel components.


Bullet points:

* Tank Size 1.5m L, 700mm H, 350mm W.

* Attractive aesthetic appearance.

* Scratch resistant.

* No dimensional change.

* Enhanced appearance for steel.

* Conforms to spec ENGINE 62 to Taylor Hobson.

How is it done?


The Chemical Blacking process works by creating a metal oxide surface with no dimensional change to the steel. Unlike electroplating which can lead to an uneven surface. The oxide surface is an integral part of the metal and therefore cannot be cracked, chipped or peeled. It’s ideal for threaded parts and components of all shapes and sizes.