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Anodising/Chemical Blacking/Phosphate

Since 1988


For aluminium protection and optional colouring


Anodising increases resistance to corrosion, abrasion and wear.

The anodic film produced provides aluminium with an excellent tough protection outer layer with optional colouring.

  • Protection against abrasion

  • Choice of colours or a natural finish

  • Heat and electrical resistance.

  • BS 1615 approved

  • Tank size 2.2m Long,1m Deep,350mm Width


The finished oxide surface also provides far greater resistance to heat and electrical insulation. Our wide range of colours include: Red - Blue - Black - Purple - Orange - Gold - Green, Satin or Natural.The process is unsuitable for items having riveted, lap or folded joints, tubes, or other items where there is a risk of electrolyte becoming entrapped in blind holes.

How is it done?

7000 series aluminium -

Black anodise.

All New.. PTFE Dip available

Anodising is an electro chemical process, which physically alters the surface of the alloy to create a hardened, protective outer layer of aluminium oxide. The oxide layer is initially porous allowing the introduction of a coloured dye. Alternatively the dye can be omitted for a natural finish (clear anodising). Heating in water then seals the porous layer. This crystallizes the oxide layer permanently trapping the dye beneath the surface for an attractive coloured finish which lasts.

Chemical Blacking 

  • Attractive aesthetic appearance

  • Scratch resistant

  • No dimensional change

  • Enhanced appearance for steel

  • Conforms to spec ENGIN 62 Taylor Hobson

  • Tank size 1.5m Long,700mm Deep,350mm Width

How is it done?

The chemical blacking process works by creating a metal oxide surface with no dimensional change to the steel. Unlike electro plating, which can leave an uneven surface, chemical blacking does not affect the material thickness. The oxide surface is an integral part of the metal and therefore cannot be cracked, chipped or peeled. It's easily applied and as it doesn’t affect the material thickness, it's ideal for threaded parts and components of all shapes and sizes.   

Chemical Blacking offers a shiny black exterior for steel components with no effect on their size. This impressive cosmetic finish is also scratch resistant and is the perfect option for made-to-fit tools and parts such as spinles,sprockets and intricate machine parts where microns matter. We guarantee a black uniform finish for a decorative but durable exterior on machined parts.


Manganese Phosphate treatment provides excellent protection of iron and steel surfaces. The treatment reduces wear on the surfaces and eliminates scuffing, galling and ‘pick up’ particularly during the running in period of working parts. 

  • Rapid running in of moving parts without scuffing

  • Improved lubrication of treated surfaces due to the oil retaining properties

  • Increased rust prevention

  • Gabbro CSP16 approved

  • Baker Hughes approved

  • Def stan 03-11

  • MNP-04

  • Tank size 1.5m Long,1m Deep,350mm Width

How is it done?

The metal objects are immersed in a bath of phosphate solution. The treatment converts the metallic surface to manganese/iron phosphate which has high oil absorbance and corrosion resistance qualities. This has the benefits of increased rust prevention and improved lubrication.It's also an excellent base primer for all paint jobs, withstanding a salt spray test up to 72 hours.